Let’s Explore Silver Nanowires!

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Silver Nanowires are silver nanomaterials with excellent electrical, optical, and thermal properties, due to which they have great possibilities for developing advanced technology applications. Silver Nanowire still undergoes much researches to determine some more of its applications.


The worry-full properties of nanowires are determined and new artificial methods with lower risks are established. New approaches regarding the recycling of flexible electronics are also being developed.


Silver Nanowires are exceptional in absorption and reflection of light and also being highly conductive. It even collaborates with molecules creating a double layer of charge inhibiting aggregation and stabilizing the nanowires. It can also be diffused in water, isopropyl alcohol, epoxy resin, and ethylene glycol.


These silver nanowires are produced by various techniques like rapid synthesis, in which copper chloride and polyvinyl pyrrolidone are mixed in disposable glass vials. One more form of technique for producing silver nanowires is Electroless Deposition. In this method, the metal amplification is used in which electroless deposition of silver occurs in the polycarbonate membranes. There are many other techniques as well to produce Silver Nanowires like the Polyol method and the Template method. Silver nanowires are applied to computer boards, touch screen displays, medical imaging, optical limiters, solar films, optical spectroscopies, and many others.

Silver Nanowires Garments

These are the latest invention of nanowires that provide protection against the cold. These garments are produced by coating it with silver nanowires. Since these nanowires are a conductor, the garment can be easily heated up with just a small battery as well. Additionally, the silver nanowires make the garment a good insulator, due to which it can reflect more than 90% of body heat, which is much more than the warmest wool sweater that reflects around 20% body heat. Moreover, these garments with silver nanowires just feel the same as normal clothes and are breathable.

Final Consideration

Silver Nanowires technology has already developed so much that it is used in computer boards, touch screen displays, etc. and even in garments to generate heat. Yet, many types of research still go on to identify and improve their applications. Silver is a good conductor of electricity that is why Silver Nanowires are great conductors of electricity with improved optical transparency and flexibility. They also have applications in high-efficiency solar panels and lighting panels. This also supports the fact that silver nanowires are indestructible. Due to great optical, thermal, and electrical properties, silver nanowires will soon be used in developing advanced technological applications.


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