Electromagnetic Interference: The Most Awaited Nanotechnology!

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Every aspect of the earth changes with the flow of time. Some of them have adverse effects and some of them have positives. Similarly, the continuous development of technology with the flow of time has created several huge changes that have now become the major parts of daily lives. Technology developing today is more advance and sustainable than ever. 

Different types of technologies play many different roles. One of them is Nanotechnology and it creates real-world useful benefits for everyone. It is more cost-efficient as compared to silicon and carbon and environment friendly too. One of the latest inventions in Nanotechnology is Graphene. It is single-layer graphite made of carbon atoms combined in millions. Graphene is an allotrope of carbon, which consists of a single atomic layer that is arranged in a two-dimensional hexagonal honeycomb lattice.

Properties of Graphene, such as electron mobility, make it a hundred times faster than silicon. Graphene is also a better conductor of heat as compared to a diamond, and its electrical conductivity is 13 times better than copper. It makes it a truly advanced technology that can be used as a perfect replacement for the existing substances.     

Here are some of the products which are made with the substance Graphene:

  • Graphene powdered EMI shielding
  • Silver Nanowires  
  • Non-flammable batteries

Among all of these, Electromagnetic Interference or EMI shielding is one of the most widely used ones. 

The EMI shielding is an armor made up of Graphene. It is a carbon-based shielding that provides a silver coating to the various electronic devices and prevents the EMI and RFI internal leaks.

Let’s have a look at the different categories of Electromagnetic Interference: 

  • Eco Armor Paints and Sheets: These two cost-effective products are designed to reduce the EMI/RFI and to maintain heat management during any operation. Its carbon-based composition provides excellent protection from corrosio


  • Elite Armor Paint: It is a polyurethane conductive paint with silver flakes, which provides the highest durability and attenuation, mostly when paint coating is required. 


  • Elite armor sheets: It is a thin, flexible, and scratch-resistant shield that provides excellent thermal conductivity and increases mechanical flexibility and structural stability.


  • Ultra Elite Armor Paint & Sheets: Along with the combined properties of Elite Paint and Sheets, they also have the property like that of polyester, which provides exceptional flexibility. Ultra Elite Paint is a one-part spray that offers stability and advantages for a longer period.

Electromagnetic Interference or Electromagnetic Shielding prevents sensitive electronic devices from the electromagnetic waves. It not only prevents electronic devices from the harsh atmospheric conditions, but it can also dominate the structural stability. 


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