Shaping the Dreams into Reality with Graphene Nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology is developing day by day, which is due to the efforts of several skilled engineers worldwide. The new techniques and advancements in nanotechnology are being brought to provide real-world benefits. As many nanotechnologies are bringing benefits, graphene powdered nanowires happen to is one of the most widely used. 

What are Nanowires?

These are generally several tens to over one hundred micron meters in length and randomly oriented with the straight or morphologies curves. They are also called Microscopic fibers, which carry electrons liberated by solar energy through the solar cell to a transparent and flexible electron made up of graphene. 

Due to their excellent properties, they are widely used in the development of solar cells, SRP sensors, surface-enhanced spectroscopy, medical imaging, and optical equipment. Other than this, graphite-filled silver conductive wire glue is also produced, that is precisely made for 

  • Working at high-temperature
  • Working as conductive heat resistant adhesive
  • Adhering with glass and plastic and ceramic
  • Preventing sensitive devices from thermal exchange

Nanowires are the superconductive material of graphene which delivers high-performance conductive properties. Over time, new developments and technologies have been found for the more practical uses of nanowires. Here are some of its applications:

  • It is used in the touch screen display of mobile and other electronic devices. This is because the Indium tin oxide (ITO) which is used mostly in creating the touch screen is very brittle, environmentally costly, hard to extract, and very expensive. 
  • It is used in high-intensity LED. Also, its flexibility and high conductive nature make it a very lightweight and efficient graphene product. 
  • Nanowires are also used in conformal electronics as it has great capability to provide the maximum storage.
  • It is also used in conductive adhesives in the form of silver conductive wire glueThe reason behind it is its properties that are perfect for working at high temperatures and an excellent adhesive to ceramics and glass and plastic.
  • Due to its highly conductive and thermally stable properties, the nanowire is also used in the EMI shielding of sensible electronic devices.  
  • Other than these, it is also used in conductive inks, batteries, supercapacitors, and smart fabrics. 


The grey-colored nanowires are one of the most efficient and affordable nanotechnologies, which are currently in use across the world. The different properties of silver nanowires in the form of powder, liquid, isopropanol, and ethanol are efficiently providing wide applications for use in various industries.  

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