Insider’s Guide to Nanotechnology and Its Efficient Products

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What simplifies nanotechnology today is the result of advanced research and development done in laboratories all over the world. Over time, the evolution in the field of nanotechnology has given so many real-life advantages to ease the various working operations. These advantages are majorly developed to provide advancement in industrial working operations. Every nanotechnology product has different abilities and can result in a revolutionary change in industrial working operations in many aspects.  

Let’s discuss one of the most advanced and productive nanotechnology products that are graphene. It is the name for an atom-thick honeycomb carbon sheet of atoms. Graphene is the building block for various graphitic materials as there are more than 3 million layers of graphene present in 1 mm of graphite.

In more detail, the units of graphene are known as nanographene. These are tailored to particular functions as their process of fabrication is complicated than generic graphene. Talking about its formation, it is made by removing hydrogen atoms from various organic molecules of hydrogen and carbon, and this process is called dehydrogenation.

Due to the excellent properties of graphene, it is now being used in many extreme industrial operations and workings. What makes graphene more sustainable and reliable are its hardness, elasticity, and flexibility. It is harder than diamond, 200 times stronger than steel, and stretches up to 20% more of its length. Here are some products that are developed with the use of graphene:

  • Graphene Absorber

With graphene, EMI shielding solutions are made more efficient and sustainable. The graphene absorber is designed to provide resistance from harmful electromagnetic interferences. This is mostly used to prevent sensible storage devices and electronic devices from electromagnetic interferences. This graphene absorber possesses excellent mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Due to these properties, it can be used in many different conditions.

 Also, due to its flexible nature, it is easy to cut or trim manually the absorber as per the size requirement. Along with this, it is also capable to use at high temperatures of up to 400°C. Not only this but due to its lightweight and anti-corrosive nature, it is also used in wet conditions efficiently. To make it more practical and versatile, the graphene absorber comes in different types. These are elite armor, eco armor, and eco armor paint.  

  • Graphene Batteries

Non-flammable graphene batteries are developed to provide more efficiency in battery use. They are far better than the traditional lithium-ion batteries and due to their lightweight, they are used in many different applications. Graphene powdered batteries can be also used in mobile phones so that they can provide more bandwidth of usage more safely. Not only this, but the graphene non-flammable batteries are also designed in such a way that they can also be used in electric vehicles.


Nanotechnology is providing real-life benefits in various aspects that are required to be more advanced. With the use of graphene, several companies keep on developing more sustainable and reliable nanotechnology products such as EMI shielding solutions and non-flammable batteries.  

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