Nanotechnology with Facts and Its Importance

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As the world is developing faster every day, every aspect of it is also growing and developing rapidly. Many technologies are created over time to provide real-world benefits and also helped in the development of a nation.

If you closely look at the smartest, best, affordable, and sustainable technologies, then you will notice that most of the products are based on nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the field in which research and innovations are done to create and develop different tools and methods. These tools and methods can lead to better work and can provide updated and more efficient solutions.

In more detail, a nanometer is equal to ten times the diameter of a hydrogen atom. However, the characteristics of nanoparticles or products are different in color, strength, thermal, and electrical conductivity. In the case of graphene, which is one of the most advanced and efficient nano products, its thermal conductivity, its weight, and strength are better than all other existing materials. In terms of its strength, it is 100 times stronger than steel and 6 times lighter than it.

Abilities of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology and its products like graphene and graphene oxide have the potential to increase the productivity and efficiency in consumption and generation of energy, storing energy, and also in solving some health-related issues. Also, all the products of graphene and its oxidized form are eco-friendly so that they cannot be harmful to the environment. Products of nanotechnology are smarter, efficient, affordable, sustainable, and lighter in weight. 

More about Graphene and Its Products

Graphene and graphene powdered products are meant for their highly conductive nature, mechanical stability, lightweight, excellent thermal stability, and flexible nature. Currently, electrically conductive glue is one of the most demanding graphene products. This is developed to provide more efficient and thermally stable conductive glue that can be used in any condition. This is majorly used in electronic packaging and for making the toughest bond with ceramics, plastic, and metals. When it comes to tin/lead which is mostly used for electronic packaging are very harmful and dangerous as they are made up of chemicals. 

Other than this, graphene EMI shielding is also used to prevent storage devices and sensible electronic devices from harmful electromagnetic and radio interferences. The graphene absorber or EMI shielding material is technically developed to work in all conditions especially at high temperatures of up to 400°C. It also provided corrosive-free nature, thus it can also be used in wet conditions efficiently for a longer time without causing any difficulties.     


Nanotechnology and its products like electrically conductive glue and EMI shielding are technically developed to provide maximum efficiency with minimum energy losses. Along with this, the role of nanotechnology in uplifting various industrial functioning is becoming more and more crucial as it is developing more each day.      

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