Applications and Future of Silver Nanowires

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Silver nanowires are a kind of silver nanomaterials that are different as compared to silver nanoparticles. The distinctive properties of this nanomaterial have resulted in an increase in the use of technologies based on silver nanowires such as flexible touch screen displays.

Silver nanowires of different sizes, shapes, and coatings are synthesized and scrutinized by the consortium for possible environmental and human impacts. Their property that is the cause of concern is determined, and new non-real methods are created to prepare silver nanowire with fewer possible risks. New approaches to the revival of silver nanowires are developed to prevent any possible landfill release and ease the reprocess of flexible electronics.



These silver nanowires have multiple applications, and the main ones are:


Some of the conductive applications are high Intensify LEDs, touch screen displays, computer boards, and smart fabrics. Silver nanowires powder can be mixed with polymers for thermal conductors and EMI shielding, etc.



The optical uses of the silver nanowire are optical equipment, Solar Cells, surface-enhanced spectroscopy, SRP sensors, and medical imaging.



The anti-microbial applications of silver nanowires are in coatings for medical devices, Clothing, Bandages, Cosmetics, paints, and sterile equipment.



The chemical and thermal uses of silver nanowire materials are heat dissipation, sensors, catalysts, and batteries.




  1. The rising demand for micro integration of electronic devices and systems has led to comprehensive research on metal nanowires resulting from their optical properties. This has resulted in the development of countless advanced technologies in various sectors.   
  2. Silver has good electrical conductivity, and due to this silver nanowires have higher electrical conductivity with improved optical transparency and flexibility. These features are crucial for manufacturing electronic and optoelectronic devices. 


  1. Silver nanowires are expected to permit the next generation to produce flexible touch panels such as rotation of the complete dashboard in a huge finger-sensitive area. The reason for this is their better electrical conduction as compared with indium-tin-oxide and touch-sensor materials. Silver nanowires can be applied easily to flexible plastic substrates. 




Silver nanowires can be greatly used to develop smart and advanced technology applications. This is because of their electrical, thermal, and optical properties. They can be used in multiple sectors, including magnetics, textile, optics, automobile, and high-performance catalysts. Silver nanowires powder can also be used for EMI shielding and thermal conductors, etc.  Several kinds of research are in progress to uncover more and more applications it can have.  

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